Top Tips For Designing A Finance Site Using Website Builders


Probably you have adequate content to start a financial blog, but not enough budget to hire an experienced web developer. Designing websites for finance and business niches comes with a few inherent challenges, but with an apt website builder, the process doesn’t have to be complicated. In this post, we are talking of the best website builders for financial sites with tips that may come in handy.

Best website builders for finance/business blogs

If you are looking for a website builder that’s enough to design a basic blog or finance portal for a small brand, Wix should suffice your needs. Wix has hundreds of templates, although some are paid, so you are likely to find a theme that fits. They do have a free plan, but it does with limitations. Weebly is another great website builder, which works ideally for its interface and good features. It is one of the easiest site builders available. If you want to sell products and financial services online, consider either BigCommerce or Shopify. For basic business websites and portals, you can also think of WordPress and GoDaddy.

Check the important aspects

When you look for options, start by evaluating what a website builder has on offer. Some do have specific templates that are designed for finance sector, which you can consider. Features related to SEO and online marketing are also important. A finance website needs to be ready for mobile users, so check if the website builder creates responsive sites. As the site owner, you should have some control on how the site looks on different screens. Also, you should have the choice to move the website to another platform in the future. The tech and customer support from a website builder must be considered, as well.

General tips for finance niche sites

First and foremost, make sure that you have a design that doesn’t bog down the content. Most finance niche sites often have extensive text content, numbers and other specific details, so when you can, you should definitely consider the choice of infographics and videos. Images for a website should be original if possible, and you should check if the website builder allows you to customize the layout and design in the future. With Wix, for instance, you cannot change the template once selected, without rebuilding the entire website.

Check online now to find more on website builders and do read a few detailed reviews for pros and cons.